What is a domain name?

Domain name is a certain character sequence denoting the name of the website or used in the names of e-mails. We can also say that domain name is a computer’s address which consists out of characters. Common space of the Internet names is functioning due to DNS – domain name system. Domain names give opportunity to address Internet nodes and network resources which are placed on them (web servers, e-mail servers and other departments) in a convenient form.

Domain name can have several levels. These levels are marked by ordinals.

For example, domain name hosting.digisoov.ee has three levels which are separated with dots:


ee – domain name of the first level.
digisoov.ee – domain name of the second level (domain of the second level of the ee zone)
hosting.digisoov.ee – domain name of the third level (domain of the third level in the digisoov.ee zone).


E-mail address info at digisoov dot ee also has a domain name. It is digisoov.ee.

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