Services / FAQ (Questions and answers)


What is hosting?

Hosting is a provision of disk space or the whole server with software installed on it for the work of website or a program. As a rule hosting services provide control panel to control allocated space also they contain technical support services for the software installed and settings along with consultations for customers.

If You have a website or You would like to order one’s development but You do not know what to do next? What You have to do next is to place it on the server which is connected to the Internet around the clock and also You have to be sure that this server has all the software which is needed for the website’s proper work installed. In this case the most optimal variant would be using hosting services when for a relatively small price technical support specialists would help You to make website’s adjustments on the server and will support its constant work in the network.

Hosting can be free or paid

Free hosting. Some companies provide space for what You do not have to pay. These organizations do not take any responsibility for Your website. At any moment they can delete it without providing You with any information and without receiving any permission from You. Instead of their service they demand certain conditions like the ability to place advertisements. Moreover, such companies’ services are limited.

Paid hosting can be compared with a rent of a flat. Good conditions and lots of room usually mean higher price. Development of technologies and a high competition on the market lead to formation of a wide range of prices which are calculated for different users with different needs. Anyway if free hosting is worth trying only for a trial version of a website which is figured out only from 1-3 months, inexpensive paid service will provide a successful existence of a small informational website which will be active around the clock.

If You will order hosting services from us You will get an opportunity to place your website on it. This will give users all the information about Your company or Your online shop. Moreover, You will be able to place any scripts there and freely create a personal blog or forum.


Domain Name

What is a domain name?

Domain name is a certain character sequence denoting the name of the website or used in the names of e-mails. We can also say that domain name is a computer’s address which consists out of characters. Common space of the Internet names is functioning due to DNS – domain name system. Domain names give opportunity to address Internet nodes and network resources which are placed on them (web servers, e-mail servers and other departments) in a convenient form.

Domain name can have several levels. These levels are marked by ordinals.

For example, domain name has three levels which are separated with dots:


ee – domain name of the first level. – domain name of the second level (domain of the second level of the ee zone) – domain name of the third level (domain of the third level in the zone).


E-mail address info at digisoov dot ee also has a domain name. It is

If You would like to place Your own website on the Internet or use an e-mail please register domain name on our website.


What is a server?

Server is a high-performance personal computer which performs certain maintenance services of the computational network.

Servers are divided into three groups:  mail servers, web servers and domain servers (DNS servers).


Mail server is a server which provides reception/transmission and routing of e-mails of Internet and Intranet users. Organization of mail server demands installation of special software.


Web server is a server which provides access to the information in the department of global connection. Web server stores and provides data into external network where data are organized as websites.

Also web server is responsible for customers’ query processing and fulfillment of  CGI-, JSP-, ASP-, PHP- along with the other applications.


Domain server is a special web server which provides the display of domain names in IP addresses and vice versa.