IT Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing is a partial or full transfer of maintenance and modernization of Your company’s IT structure to other organization or company who strictly deals with IT problems. Dealing with IT problems is the main goal for DigiSoov company.

If You have decided to maintain IT outsourcing You have to conduct an audit of Your company’s IT infrastructure. During the audit our specialists determine the most important segments and at the same time they find the least protected places. After an audit we make a conclusion which is handed to the customer. Conclusion contains information about the present state of the IT infrastructure and some recommendations for its optimization.

IT outsourcing means that our company will solve problems connected with development, introduction and maintenance of informational systems as a whole on the level of Your company’s infrastructure (maintenance of equipment or PO) and also works connected with development and maintenance of functioning of some of the system’s separate areas (programming, hosting, testing).

During last few years many companies moved towards full IT outsourcing and passed their informational systems to other specialized organizations for external management. It helped not only to increase reliability and quality of work but also to decrease current costs for companies’ IT infrastructure maintenance in general.

Companies which specialize in IT outsourcing have some advantages in compare with staff IT specialists. Firstly, the workers of specialized companies are experienced and highly qualified to do the work they do. Secondly, they work around the clock, every day and without vacations so they are always ready to provide the services and to solve customers’ problems. And thirdly, it is a modern and complex way to solve IT problems and to introduce new technologies and services.

If You would like to conclude a contract to receive IT outsourcing from DigiSoov company You will get:

  • Company’s full informational and technical support
  • Control over Your single IT infrastructure
  • Analysis of Your company’s IT base development
  • Consultations and support of users
  • Organization of an effective work of Your IT department
  • Selection and replacement of technical specialists