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IT Audit

IT Audit (Audit of Informational Systems) is an independent check of the usage of informational technologies in every company’s work.

In modern world it is hard to imagine a company which does not use informational technologies in its work. If this field is correctly and reasonably organized then it provides a way to achieve the highest degree of controllability and automation of business processes what can also lead to significant reduction of costs and increases company’s competitiveness on the market.

Obviously companies must increase the efficiency of their IT technologies. This task is very important for them and it spreads beyond the frames of operating activities.

Addressing to an experienced IT consulting specialist to receive a consultation will able You to:

  • Lower the costs of introduction of informational technologies
  • Provide a professional maintenance for your informational database
  • Increase the efficiency of Your company’s computer base
  • Increase the efficiency of business processes
  • Implement qualitative control and easy management of IT structure
  • Create a base for the growth of competitiveness and development of Your company

If You will conclude a contract with DigiSoov we will provide you with:

  • Full informational and technical support of the company
  • Control over Your single IT infrastructure
  • Analysis of the development of Your IT base perspectives
  • Your users’ consultations and support
  • Effective work organisation of Your IT department
  • Selection and replacement of technical specialists

IT Consulting

IT Consulting

IT Consulting means giving consultations to companies and firms concerning the management of computer infrastructure, automation of business processes and choosing program or hard platforms and equipment suppliers. IT consulting service usually includes:

  • Optimization of costs for introduction of informational technologies and IT solutions in the company
  • Increase of controllability, and company transparency because of the creation of single IT infrastructure
  • Increase of effectiveness of the company’s business processes